EO browser statistical info Request failed with status code 400

I have the following polygon (as a geojson file, which the forum does not allow to upload):


When I upload it to EO Browser, everything looks ok, I see the polygon and I get images. However, when I try to get statistical info (over NDVI) I get error 400:

But when I draw the polygon myself in the EO browser it seems to work fine and I am able to see the NDVI time series.

Why can’t I see the statistical info with my geojson file?


sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for notifying us about this.

I checked this and found that EO Browser unfortunately has an issue with requesting statistical info for the area of interest that is a multipolygon.

It works when drawing the polygon, because it creates a polygon.

I also tried uploading the file with a polygon and confirmed that it also works that way.

We will prepare a fix as soon as possible. The workaround in the mean time is to use polygon geometries for area of interest.


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just want to notify you that this should be fixed now.
Please write if you still bump into some issues.


Now it is working, thank you