EO-Browser Themes

Dear colleagues:

Yesterday I realized that my configurations are not available at the theme list when deploying it at EO-BROWSER Search panel. However, all configurations I made are available and working as well at Playground and at any other services such as WMS.

The only themes available at Theme list (EO-BROWSER), apart from Default, are Wildfires and Volcanoes, none of them has been made by myself.

I assume it may be a bug, because it has been working sucessfully until now.

Thank you very much in advance.

It is indeed a bug, a consequence of the authorization upgrade. We are looking into the issue and will try to fix it ASAP.
Will let you know, once this happens.

Thank you very much for your rapid answer.

This should be now fixed, you will probably need to do a refresh of the application.

I have just checked it and It is working. Refresh were not neccessary. Thank you so much.

Kind regards.