EO Browser - timestamps mixed with mass download


I am a new novice user of EO Browser. This may or maynot be related to this discussion thread, but I could find no other way of commenting on this.
In my downloads of Analytical image group packages I seem to be seeing some corruption of the date stamps. If I download a single image package ( ie multiple bands for same date) there is no problem. But if I simultaneously download more than one package of images, then the image date-stamp seems to get corrupted and carries the same date as the first package of images ( not the correct date-stamp for the image).

Same image response for two different dates

That sounds strange. Can you be more specific about it? Describing steps, that you do, so that we can try to reproduce it?



Thanks for reporting this issue, it was quite interesting to figure out how to replicate it.
I was able to reproduce this with setting network speed to really slow in Chrome’s DevTools.

Currently, images download in EO Browser is done in such a way that the user must wait until the “save file” dialog appears for current images. Then, after clicking “Save” it should be safe to do another download.
Hope that this explains the behavior you were witnessing.

We decided to have a look at it and make it better when we will be focusing on EO Browser again.