EO Browser - you are not authorized to perform this action

I have seen the “you are not authorized to perform this action” a couple of times in the EO browser with Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data sources. I am logged in when this happens. As soon as I log out, it works just fine.

This is not intended behaviour, and to be able to figure it out, we would kindly ask you for the following information:

  • Are you using your own configuration or the default one? It seems like you’re using a default Sentinel-2 L2A configuration, but just to be sure.
  • Please check if the layers are visualized regardless of the error message, and if yes, check if all, or only some are visualized.
  • After getting this error message, check if other collections and themes work. Try out e.g. Sentinel-1 or the Vegetation theme.

Hi, thank you for your response.

  1. I am using default configuration
  2. The layers are not visualized when I am logged in. As soon as I log out they are visualized
  3. The error randomly appears so I couldn’t recreate it with other collections and themes.

One thing I noticed was this:
I am logged in, I get the error message and the data is not visualized. I log out, the data is visualized. Then I log back and then the error disappears. For what it is worth I am using Brave as my browser.


Does this problem occur immediately after you sign in? Or have you left the EO Browser tab inactive for a while when it happens?

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Hi @pontus.berg ,

It happens immediately after I sign in.



Thank you!

We’re working on a solution. I will let you know once we have fixed it.

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Thanks for waiting. We have solved the issue now. Let me know if you still experience any issues.

// Pontus

Yes - I have been getting the same message - I can download kmzs but not georeferenced tiffs

I was planning on downloading some custom NIR SWIR images for wildfire mapping and creating some dNBR using the index function - but kept getting this message
EO browser is awesome!!! Owen


Could you share what your URL looks like when you’re trying to download the tiffs? :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Pontus
Thankyou for responding - today I went back and started trying to dowload some 8 and 32 bit TIFFs of indexes and custom composites. I started collecting URLs where the error message occurred. The same thing happened as in my original message . I then tried loading some simple preset browser images and they downloaded - I then went and tried the more complex images and some of the URLs I’d collected and guess what - they downloaded fine!!! So I don’t understand why. I then spent the next hour making coposites with custom scripts and creating indexes with both landsat and sentinel and there was no issue - everything worked perfectly
So I’m a happy camper again and am at a loss to explain why
The problem appears intermittent
I’ve been using Google Chrome as a browser and have a high latency satellite internet connection - but I’ve never seen the message before
Here are the URLs that I had trouble with but now work
best regards and thankyou

Thank you for the URL’s and the detailed explanation!

We found the problem and fixed it. If you experience any further problems, let me know. :slight_smile:

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