EO4SD Agriculture layer - is chat GPT lying?

Hello dear sentinel-hub team!

I was searching for crop type data and I have decided to try asking chat GPT for available datasets.
One of GPT suggestions was this:

"Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) - This program provides free access to a variety of Earth observation data products, including crop type maps. The EO4SD Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster has produced a crop type map of the year 2016, which can be accessed through the ESA’s EO Browser: Sentinel Hub EO Browser "

I could not find any any clue for an existence of this layer, specifically on sentinel-hub EO browser and also in the EO4SD agriculture page .
My question is if this map is exist, or is it another fake- information made up by AI :sweat_smile:

Hi Reut,

This dataset isn’t available through Sentinel Hub EO Browser. A far more reliable method to find the data that is available through Sentinel Hub is to search the Sentinel Hub Public Collections website.

Yes I have searched for it also in the public collections, could not find it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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