Eolearn Download error

Hi SenHub-Team,
I tried the eoLearn-slovenia Land Cover Classification script.
I have a problem with download the patches. Once it download the data for slovenia. After that I get only error messages for slovenia and in this case my area:
2020-05-26 23:06:43,228 eolearn.core.eoworkflow DEBUG Computing SentinelHubInputTask(*(), **{‘bbox’: BBox(((515000.0, 5145000.0), (520000.0, 5150000.0)), crs=CRS(‘32633’)), ‘time_interval’: [‘2019-01-01’, ‘2019-12-31’]})
2020-05-26 23:06:43,250 root DEBUG EOWorkflow execution failed

Is there a ID problem?

Thanks in advance?

Problem is Solved! :slight_smile:

Hello bgumwelt, Would you care to give more details on how you could fix the issue? I am facing exactly same issue, however, I am using different shape location.

Hi satya.cts,

The configuration’s of the instance ID and the oauth client id and secret was not correct set in the Python package sentinelhub.config:
“After you have prepared a configuration please put configuration’s instance ID into sentinelhub package’s configuration file following the configuration instructions. For Processing API request you also need to obtain and set your oauth client id and secret. More info here.”
Use the folowing comands:
• sentinelhub.config --sh_client_secret “…”
• sentinelhub.config --sh_client_id “…”
• sentinelhub.config --instance_id …
• sentinelhub.config --show

Also to latest script is important:

See also the answer from Max and Matic:

Best regards,