Error 403 and 500 while processing certain dates for a given location


I’m getting 403 and 500 for particular image in the entire time range and it takes around 15 to 20 min to return the exception and we iterate the script with multiple geometries.

Actually it takes 2 sec to return the FIS request but due to this problem it is taking 15 to 20 min to return the exception which is killing the time.

Is there any method to exclude the corrupt images and run the FIS request or is there any method to return this exception much faster(in sec) so that we move to next geometry.


Hi Sandeep,
20 minutes for a time-out sounds a bit too much. Can you send an example of such FIS request (do mask part of the instance ID), so that we take a look.
Might it be that there are some follow-up steps in your procedure, which take this long?

That said, we recommend to use Statistical API instead of the FIS, which works with such errors in a more controlled fashion: