Error cancelling Planet subscription through Request Builder


We are trying to cancel running Planet subscriptions through the Request Builder but when we hit the Cancel button the error banner is showing.
The API response is returning this:

{"error":{"status":500,"reason":"Internal Server Error","message":"Error occurred while accessing Planet","code":"DATA_PROVIDER_ERROR","errors":{"providerError":{"status":401,"content":"API key not found"}}}}

At first we thought it was the Planet API key. We weren’t putting it. But even if we add that under the Planet API Key input in the Request Builder, it still fails.
The contract is expired, it’s been more than 12 months, but as per other topics on this forum, we wanted to cancel them to avoid them consuming quota when we start a new Planet contract.

Are we missing something or is this an issue on the platform?

And if instead of doing this we go to the SH app => 3rd Party Data to see all the subscriptions and we delete them, what would be the difference? If we delete them will we lose all the imagery that was already ingested and that we could keep requesting?



the API key is invalid due to contract expiry, thus you are not able to cancel the subscriptions. You cannot specify the API key in the delete request - it will be ignored and the one used to create the subscription will be used. Also, running subscriptions cannot be deleted, you would have to cancel them first.

Please extend the Planet contract any time, at your convenience. Then, as soon as the API key is valid again, please cancel the unwanted collections and notify us. We will coordinate with Planet that any data delivered before cancelling will not consume your new quota.

All right! Thanks for the response.

We’ll do that and let you know through this topic once we have a new contract and have cancelled the subscriptions.

@msterk Hi!

We bought yesterday a new quota package for Planet. We also got an email 7 hs ago that the quota has been added to our account. Following what we discussed a couple of months ago, we’ve tried going to the request builder and cancelling all the running subscriptions but API still fails with a 500 error API key not found.

Do we need to wait more to cancel them? Even if they are not cancel yet could you already let Planet know of this so they discard all the consumption from this so we can use the quota for new AOIs?


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