Error confirming order - PlanetScope data

I am trying to get confirmed an order for PlanetScope analytic_sr_udm2 data (Tier 2), but this error keeps coming up. What might be the reason? What should I do?

Error confirming order

Request failed with status code 400


{“field”:{“Details”:[{“message”:“No access to assets: PSScene4Band/20210625_092033_89_106a/[analytic_sr analytic_xml udm udm2]”},{“message”:“No access to assets: PSScene4Band/20210717_095704_47_2233/[analytic_sr analytic_xml udm udm2]”},{“message”:"No access to assets:

This is strange. Let us check with Planet on why this is happening.

Hi Kaupo,
I see that orders are now running, so I am guessing you confirmed them?
Planet did some changes in the settings, so it might have helped,
I would appreciate your info on this.

Thank you. That’s true: all three orders got confirmed. Two of those are already finalized but one is still running - more than 12 hours later. I hope it has not ‘frozen’.

Best regards

it seems it was just delayed a bit. I see it is DONE now.

Thank you. Now I have received all the images.

Best regards