Error dowloading L2A High res 32-bit TIFF files

I keep getting the message "An error has occurred while fetching some of the images: "

If I download the same image set as a “JPG (no reference)” it works. Any help or insight would be appreciated!

Hi @kvand,

the error is actually not on your side but on EO Browser. I am sorry for the problems you are experiencing! We are already looking into this and will let you know once it’s working again.

For the meantime I can unfortunately only reference you to the medium resolution which is working.

Hi @kvand,
I am happy to let you know that we just deployed v3.0.48 which fixes the bug and you shouldn’t get the error anymore.

Enjoy browsing! :slight_smile:

I have same error here Sentinel-3 OLCI, An error has occurred while fetching some of the images. A week ago it was working ok but unfortunately not now. Thanks !

Hi Jgarci,

Unfortunately we are unable to replicate this issue. Could you maybe describe a bit more in detail what you do to get this error, so that we can repeat (and hopefully fix) the problem?



Hi Anzes, I’m trying to download

Thank you, we can now replicate the problem. It seems that some network requests are failing. To avoid the problem you have a few options, but it of course depends on your use-case if these workarounds are acceptable:

  • use a smaller area
  • use MEDIUM resolution instead of HIGH
  • use a different output format

Hope it helps for now,



Only works jpg (not georenference) in a smaller area, the other options don’t work. Is this a bug?
update: if i change the Gain = 3, I get the error and if I leave the Gain =1 as default value it works

I’m sorry to inform you that effects currently only support PNG and JPEG. We’ll try to add support for other formats as soon as possible.