Error downloading sentinel data

Since yesterday i can’t download data from sentinel hub. Is there any server problem? How can i download the data i need?

Hi Nicolaj,

Could you specify which data collection you are trying to download, what method you are using, and what options you have set for your download? Maybe you could also include the error message that you get?

From my side, I am able to download Sentinel-2 products without a problem.

The some data that i try to download are from 1st march 2022 to 31th august 2022 (i choose some data into this period). The method that i try to use is by this link ( Sentinel Hub EO Browser ( )

The set of information for dowload that i am using are => sentinel 2 L2A and the period ( from 1st march 2022 to 31th august 2022) .

The message error is: "Questa pagina non funziona in questo momento attualmente non è in grado di gestire questa richiesta.


Can you help me? please

The error you are reporting is from, therefore I am guessing you are not using our own download tool as in the screenshot below:

So, I can only guess that you are trying to download an image from the search panel via the Download link:

Is that correct? In that case, which exact date are you trying to get to?

yes is corret. I am using the site that you report in images, and i try to download the gangs by the link.

I need the gangs B04, B06 and B8A (Sentinel 2 L2A - pixel 20m) of varius dates:

  1. ZONE : Eraclea - province Venice in Italy
  2. dates are
  1. 10 april 2022 + 18 april 2022 + 28 april 2022
  2. 3 may 2022 + 10 may 2022 + 20 may 2022
  3. 12 june 2022 + 19 june 2022 + 27 june 2022
  4. 2 july 2022 + 12 july 2022 + 22 july 2022 + 29 july 2022
  5. 1 august 2022 + 11 august 2022 + 16 august 2022 + 26 august 2022

can you download the gangs of these dates and send it me by email (file .zip)? Please

i need files that i can use in QGIS for the university reaserch

I understand now!

Based on your needs, I would recommend that you download the bands from our EO Browser in-built download tool (see my first screenshot). Using this tool, you can fetch the bands that you need for the various dates required over your AOI, and download them as Geotiff files that you will then be able to open in QGIS. No need to download the entire product from Scihub for this purpose.

You will find an explanation on how to do so in our user guide, or maybe even easier, in our webinar.

thank you, you are professional. Have a nice day, see you.

sorry maxim, but i am trying to download the gangs in format GeoTiff by EO but i haven’t the option Geotiff. I have only jpg - png - kmz - tiff (8-16-32bit).
How i can do? Thank

The TIFF options (8, 16 and 32 Bit) are GeoTIFF that can be opened with QGIS.

Ok, but with the file tiff i have only image of B04 B06 B8A. In this file there aren’t the information of a singol pixel.
I need files in raster format for combination with other gangs for will obtain a normalized index.
Are there other opportunities?

I do not understand your question, sorry:

  • you should be able to read pixel values in your images (to get reflectance without conversion use Float32)
  • tiff files are in raster format

Did you also know that you can calculate the normalised index directly in EO Browser and download the results? There is a section in the tutorial video about this.

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