Error in QGIS plugin using service type WMTS

When I request a certain date with the QGIS plugin using WMTS I get wrong dates. It looks like it’s only showing the most recent image even though I select something from 2020. When I try WMS instead it works good. I haven’t experienced this bug until today, any ideas?

Hi Oskar, welcome to the forum :wave:

Can you help us replicate the bug by providing us with details of the area of interest, the dates and the sensor that you are requesting with the WMS/WMTS request please :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks! It seems like it doesn’t matter which date I choose. And it’s False Color (vegetation) I use. Area is northern Sweden.

Can you be more specific with the area of interest, providing us with the coordinates? Are you able to provide the WMTS request too? It may just be a typo that needs to be corrected.

Doesn’t matter where I look.

I think it might have something to do with the new QGIS 3.28 with its Dynamic Temporal Control feature?

Any thoughts on this yet?

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