Error inside rate limiting when downloding data through sentinelhub library

Getting this error since February 18th when rate limited after calling get_data() with SentinelHubRequest:
type str doesn’t define round method.

I am on 3.8.2, but the same code is in 3.8.3 so I don’t think the version is an issue.

Is this on your radar/slated to be fixed soon?

Hi @charceypetersen
we are not aware of the bug. We did release a minor version on Feb 16. but after checking the diff it does not seem like anything was changed directly.

Could you provide more information, we are especially interested in your input and in the stack trace of the exception so that we can pinpoint the problem. You can also report the issue here

Ah, i just saw your edit that you are on version 3.8.2.
There indeed was a change from 3.8.1 to 3.8.2 that could cause that issue. We will investigate.

Great, thank you! I can also try to reproduce the error if necessary.

Please try upgrading to 3.8.4 and see if the error persists.

Will do. Thanks for the prompt fix. I will update here after upgrading and running some traffic through the service.

After running traffic through the service over the weekend, the error has been resolved. Thanks!!

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