Error: Modify AOI to have minimum of 0.1 when shape has 0.5


I am trying to download Pleiades images from sentinel-hub request builder.
I have uploaded geojson with area of 0.5

but I get this error:

Seems like the area is fine, so what can be the reason for this error? how can I fix it?

Hi Reut,

Yes this seems unusual as you have two different values. Are you able to share the AOI in GeoJSON format so that I can help troubleshoot this for you?

Hi Reut,

Having looked into this further we have found that:

The AOI interest is, however, the area of intersection of the AOI and the image footprint is less than the minimum order size ( When visualising the thumbnail of the image it is extremely important to note that the:

Thumbnail is not georeferenced so the resulting map layer is just an approximation.
Check the product geometry to see the exact polygon that will be ordered.

This is especially important when your area of interest is located on the edge of the image footprint. For example, below you can see how the thumbnail footprint and the image footprint differ significantly:

In addition, after you have added the product to your order you will see the order size based on the intersection of your AOI and the image footprint. In this instance, for Airbus Pleiades imagery the minimum order size is 0.1sqkm and the intersection in your AOI and the image footprint does not meet this minimum order size and therefore fails.

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Thank you for the detailed answer! :slight_smile:

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