Error on retrieving data due to multiple requests

Hi everyone,

we use the sentinelhub library for retrieving data for a whole country. We were asking for this data in the free version but the following error came up:

home/noa/miniconda3/envs/cubeenv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/sentinelhub/download/ in _execute_download(self, request)
55 if response.status_code !=
—> 56 response.raise_for_status()

I suppose this has to do with the multiple request we did so to get the data in small chunks for the entire country. Thus, we purchased a licence to overcome this problem. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we changed both oauth id and pass so to point the purchased licence (exploration), the problem still remains.

How can we overcome this issue as it is quite urgent to get the data?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @tdrivas

Could you share a bit more info about what you are trying to do?

The code you copied actually says that it is raising because the error is not TOO_MANY_REQUESTS, so the issue seems to be elsewhere…