Error uploading my own collection

I am struggling to create a private Collection since an exception is been thrown:

{“error”:{“status”:500,“reason”:“Internal Server Error”,“message”:“null (Service: S3, Status Code: 403, Request ID: null, Extended Request ID: jKBvKM7FoY3g5u45aCsRXwjwEy5mT+RlkOFJnqIHwPFRs1Q/SlYaTdtIOzMO53d2YvxuKSRBVKY=)”,“code”:“COMMON_EXCEPTION”}}

However, my S3 Bucket is public and the Sentinel Hub access policy is set


Can you please provide some more details of how you created the error? If you can provide snippets of the code you are using that would be really helpful.



I have only filled the create a new collection form:

Hi @cgutierrez

Can you (re)check that the bucket policy is correct? It should be something like this.

Also, is the bucket in appropriate region? (either eu-central-1 or us-west-2)

I have checked it again and both the policy and the region are correct.

The error was resolved following the docs