Error when fetching GIBS and Proba-V data on EO Browser

I have an issue searching for imageries in GIBS and Proba-V services. It keeps showing the message “There was an issue fetching data for… [data name]”.

I used Chrome on Android and Windows, and Firefox on Android, and the issue persists on both devices, whether I logged in or not. I have tried clearing the cache, but it seems not to solve. I have also tried using different network, but nothing changed.

thanks for reporting.

We prepared a fix, so now searching and displaying GIBS and Proba-V data in EO Browser should work again.


Great. The data fetch issue solved.
But now the page seems to load a lot slower when showing GIBS search results. The GIBS imageries also load slower on the map. When the map is showing GIBS imageries, tools buttons and navigation buttons also take longer to respond after click.

Thanks, I will pass this forward to get it checked and will post the update here when we will figure it out.

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