Error when trying to create collection

I’m getting an “invalid or expired account” error when trying to create a collection in AWS US West (Oregon) server.
I tried just for testing to create in AWS EU (Frankfurt) with no problem.
Are you aware of this? What should I do?

Can you be more specific at which state you get this message?
Are you trying to use the API or doing it via Dashboard?
Ideally provide step-by-step description (but mask IDs for security purposes)

Using dashboard → My collection

  1. New collection
  2. Filling the collection name, BYOC type, Buket name
  3. Selecting AWS US West (Oregon) server from dropdown
  4. A red popup appears with the text “Invalid or expired account”

The issue with BYOC on AWS US West should now be resolved.

Thank you for your report

It’s working.

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