Error with wms instance

We started getting errors today when using a wms instance. For example, a getcapabilities request returns:


<![CDATA[ UUID string too large ]]>



What can we do?

We have a Basic subscription with very low usage…


Can you send an example of the request, which returns this error? Do mask second half of the instance ID.

ok, here it is:

You have an error in your request. After instance ID there should be “?”, not “&”. This rule is there from the very beginning, so it seems something changed on your side.

Sorry about that. Ofcourse you are right. This was a way for me to debug a problem in arcmap where the error is different. Let me check and see if the problem persists.

Thanks for the fast reply.

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I’ve checked with the user, and it’s all working… user error.

Sorry for wasting time…