Evalscript usecase

Hi, I am currently using Process API. I wanted to use evalscript for calculating Ndvi median, Cloud Coverage percentage and Dark pixel percentage calculation. This will also include GDAL for mapping the geometry I provided with the image and then doing required operation. Just wanted to know if I can achieve all this with evalscript?

Hi, you would not be able to use GDAL within the evalscript itself but the output from GDAL can be used as one of the inputs to your API request. However, bear in mind the AOI needs to be inputted as a vector.

I would recommend running through these examples here to understand the basics of using the APIs through Python.

It sounds like you wish to calculate some statistics and you can do this through the Statistical API. More info on this can be found here and there are also some examples here for you to go through.

You should be able to take plenty of inspiration from the Custom Scripts Repository, such as this example for calculating the maximum NDVI over a time period.