Execute problem in eolearn api

Hi, I tried these notebooks.

It does not matter how I execute the node, I always get this error
“The parameter query has been deprecated and replaced by filter in the Catalog 1.0.0 update. The queries/filters are now done in the CQL2 language.”

How can I solve it?

Hi @namu,
the error you’re getting comes from a semi-recent update of sentinelhub-py, where the Sentinel Hub Catalog API was updated.

At the same time eo-learn was updated, so that its IO tasks were compatible with the changes in sentinelhub-py.

I therefore suspect you have a missmatch in versions (a new version of sentinelhub-py and an old version of eo-learn). Try updating your eo-learn, and if the error persists, please send me the version of your sentinelhub-py and eo-learn and I’ll take a closer look.

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