Expired account

Well, I have managed to register the account with SentinelHub only for it to expired within seconds thereafter.
What is going on, please.
Never ever have I experienced such an abrupt end to my free ride, literally it was over before It started.

Thank you all for enlightenment.


Hello Art,

Very strange indeed: there must have been a glitch in the system. Could you try again please? You should have the trial account activated correctly now. Please let us know if it doesn’t work.


I want download Sentinel-2 images from aws using GitHub - sentinel-hub/sentinelhub-py: Download and process satellite imagery in Python using Sentinel Hub services..
Since sentinelhub is not free (Dashboard
) and also aws, have we pay for both (aws and sentinelhub) for that task?

Thank you for the clarification

If you are downloading data directly from AWS, you do not need Sentinel Hub account. You will, however, need AWS account.

If you are downloading data from Sentinel Hub, you only need Sentinel Hub account.