Facing issue while adding NDVI on map

I am trying to add NDVI on specific polygon (white boundary polygon), it shows this message. Sometimes, NDVI is added on map.

Show message while adding NDVI on map

NDVI is added on map

Can you please answer this question? Thank you for your reply.

The error you return in the first image is caused by one of the dimensions of your requested image being too large for Process API. It cannot exceed 2500 pixels on either axis.

I understand but both are same polygon then how the dimension will be change?

Can you please explain about exact solution for that issue? I am requesting the NDVI for same date and same polygon. Sometimes, it shows error. When I am using the NDVI for my analysis, it shows error like this. Then how can I resolve that issue?. I need exact solution for that issue, then only I will use NDVI.


To be able to reproduce your issue, could you please specify what service you are using? Are you calling a WMS layer in an application or are you using another API? When does the error occur: for the same API call or are you changing some parameters?

These elements should help us provide an answer to your issue.

Hi @maxim.lamare
I am calling WMS layer using ArcGIS jsapi. I am passing time and geometry as a parameter. While calling WMS layer on map, the error occur.

Could you please post the first half of the configuration ID so I can take a look please? (Don’t post the entire ID or people could abuse it).

first half ----6c8a8bed

I have tried on some computers
and for 2 computers with the screen resolution higher then 2500 this message pops up
I am passing geometry of polygon and time as a parameter, then how it changed with respect to screen resolution

Have you tried using the RESX and RESY parameters in your WMS call, to have a control over the resolution that you are returning (see Standard GetMap request URL parameters)? This should allow you to return a meaningful resolution (say 10m for Sentinel-2) and could fix your problem (I am not familiar with the ArcGIS jsapi).

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