"Failed to ingest" from AWS


I’m trying to use some tiff files uploaded to AWS. I have updated my bucket policy, but, when I try to ingest the folder, it appears some seconds later “Failed to ingest” and the message “Unexpected error occurred while ingesting the tile”.

It can be the tiff files or the configuration of the AWS bucket?



I’m sure that you are already following the documentation surrounding Bring Your Own COG API. There a few requirements for ingestion to work correctly when preprocessing your Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFs. Therefore, I would recommend double checking, your files in your S3 bucket are compliant with these constraints.

In addition, the docs for the Bucket policy can be found here. Although it sounds like you have already done this step, it’s worth checking you updated the <bucket_name> parameter within the policy otherwise it won’t work.

If it is still not working or you need some further support then let us know :slight_smile:

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