Failed to request data for: '0'

Hello, as you can see from my request below, i’m trying to pull true color image and outline, but I’m getting this error and i can’t find anything about it in docs. Layers are fine in my Configuration Utility. Any suggestions?

Failed to request data for: '0'{instance_id}?service=wms&request=GetMap&typenames=DSS12&layers=TRUE-COLOR-LS8%2COUTLINE&format=image%2Fpng&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&crs=EPSG%3A4326&geometry=POLYGON+((25.6079507+42.3685958%2C+25.6165337+42.3662416%2C+25.6196665+42.3719485%2C+25.6102681+42.3744535%2C+25.6070494+42.3724877%2C+25.6072318+42.3709738%2C+25.6074464+42.3690635%2C+25.6079507+42.3685958))&UPSAMPLING=BICUBIC&TRANSPARENT=true&ATMFILTER=ATMCOR&PREVIEW=0&WARNINGS=NO&VERSION=1.1.1&time=2022-01-17

Hi @farm_stz,

you are trying to request Landsat-8 data on our eu-central-1 end-point, whereas you should do that on us-west-2 one as described here.

If you change the end-point, it will work:

The error reported by our service is bad, though. Sorry about that, will put on TODO.