Features concatenation

Hello sentinel hub teams !
I am trying to work with eolearn, in my case I have to work with radar data as well as optical data.
In my current step I have to concatenate the features extracted from the radar images with the other extracts from the optical images.
I did the download of each type of images except so the features are stored in two different folders.

Can you help me please :pensive:

Hi @imenltaifi1997,

To join (temporal) EOPatch-es they have to have a common list of timestamps. That is a prerequisite, unfortunately.

In your case that means you would have to interpolate both radar and optical eopatches to a common list of timestamps (e.g. radar/optical data every 10 days), and then join them using MergeEOPatchesTask, or eopatch1.merge(eopatch2, ...).

Otherwise, you can continue working with two eopatches, one for radar and one for optical, and construct your features from one and the other, and only then join them into the input for the model (if that is what you are after).

Best of luck,

Hi @batic
Thank you for your feedback ,
But It still little bit complicate can you give me please more details ?
Thank you in advance !

Difficult without details from you side; what features are you concatenating and why (what are you trying to achieve/do), … With more details from your side we might help you more, but please note that although we try to provide valuable/useful feedback, we cannot solve the tasks for you and at the end of the day you will have to invest your time as well.