Figure out the bounds of a collection?

Hey there, I ordered a number of SkySat and Planetscope images using TDPI a number of months ago. Some of them I registered a ‘bounds’ on the request at the time, but most I didn’t. And now I’m struggling to figure out where they are located. Is there any way to ‘calculate’ the bounds from the data?

I tried to ‘open in EOBrowser’, and did manage to zoom out and ‘search’ on my collection and it found my data and I got an option to ‘visualize’. But then the message was ‘Your request of 2693.61 meters per pixel exceeds the limit 500.00 meters per pixel of the collection 628ca…b1d2-524dfacf7912. Please revise the resolution (or corresponding width/height) to make sure it is in supported range.’

If I zoom in then I just get blanks since I don’t know where the image actually is. Is this just lost unless I zoom in sufficiently and scan the earth?


After you click “Visualise”, and get the error, use the “Zoom to tile” button (4th from the right). This will set the location, but you might need to zoom in - if you use the buttons at the right-bottom corner, you should get there easiests.

We are working to update the EO Browser to make this easier, coming soon.

The alternative option is to go to Collections Dashboard, find the relevant collection and copy-paste the GeoJSON location from the tile. (or use the API for that, obviously)

Found my image! Thank you, that worked great.

What’s the API call to get the GeoJSON for the collection? That’s what I’m most interested in - I’m trying to make a little utility that makes it easier to make XYZ tiles in the right location.

The collection dashboard seems to have the GeoJSON in the native projection. Is there a way to get it in ‘official’ GeoJSON (4326)? So I don’t have to figure out client-side reprojection.

You can get collection extent using collections API

For tiles in the collection use Get collection tiles.

If I am not mistaken, both return geometries in EPSG:4326

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