Filter out no-data value in timelapse and multi-temporal processing


I would like to know if there is an option to filter out no-data value. For Sentinel-1 data, there could be image on orbit boundary, where there are some NaN values. OE Browser shows that transparent. But if the image is analyzed with timelapse or multi-temporal processing in WMS, these values are maximum (1). schmid already asked about this here: Definition of nodata-value in WCS-Request. But as I see, it is not possible to solve this in JS.

You can check for eg
If (VV==0)
And then skip such pixels.
You have to be careful to appropriately choose VH/VV/HH dependingo on type of scenes

Thank you for fast reply. Yes that could work (VV==0 or VV==1), but the problem is that also non boundary values sometimes have value 0 or 1.