Firewall blocking access - 'Failed to Add Data'

Hi All,

Hopefully i’m not duplicating when I ask this question.

I am finding my direct server connection is being blocked by my companies firewalls and they are struggling to get the connection unblocked. I have tested the linkages using my home connection without issue.

From what i understand it is port 6080 which needs to be unblocked - but they also need to know the IP address. I cannot seem to find this (it doesn’t appear to be the WMS Configurator).

Please note I am constucting using WCS and the end application is ArcGIS Pro. In Pro i get the error message “Failed to add data” when trying to add the layer to my map. I can see the server connection and the layers link there.

Any help you can offer in port unblocking and obtaining IP addresses would be most appreciated.



Hi Andrew,
the (e.g. WMS, WCS, etc.) are running on IPs and
Services use ports 443 (https) and 80 (http). Https is recommended.

Does WMS work in ArcGIS Pro? WMS and WCS generally use exactly the same IPs and ports on our side. So if there is a problem with WCS, it has to be some other issue, something specific to ArcGIS?

Would appreciate feedback if you solve the issue.

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Hello gmilcinski
We are encountering the same problem in our organization.
It seems to me that these IP’s are already obsolete, could you pass us the current ip’s of this service?
Another question is whether these IPs will be fixed or dynamic.

Without these settings we could not configure our proxy / firewall correctly.


these are the IPs that are currently in use:

However they are not static IPs and can change at anytime.


I’m trying to login in Sentinel-Hub from QGIS, but the program reports error connections instead (server not responding).

Google Chrome on “” shows

"# 503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request."

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.