FIS service with cloud information

Hi there, I am wondering if in the new improvements of the fis service that you are working on it would be possible to add the cloud percentage of the scene. I know the service recieves the MAXCC parameter in the url to filter dates, but then for each date there isn’t that info in the response.

Currently the only alternative is to make another request to the wfs for the same date/s and fusion the data from both services to get the statical info together with the cloud data.
The problem with this is that the wfs works in batches of 100 of features, and you have to handle a variety of situations and complicates to get both data together, statical an cloud coverages.

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You can this information already now, by simply adding “CLM” band to the FIS’ output. Doing this you will actually get cloud coverage per your chosen area of interest, rather than a scene-based one, which is usually not that relevant (scene is 10.000 sq. km large, where AOIs are typically less than 1 sq. km… so 3% cloud coverage might mean that clouds are just in yoru AOI, or 99% cloud coverage that your AOI is lucky 1%…)

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Great, very thankful for the reply.