FisRequest Python


I am want to call FisRequest with style parameter(STYLE=INDEX enforces raw data ) in python files but its not working.

Please help us to provide solution, how i can use style parameter in FiSRequest. I have test it in javascript, its working fine but issues in python.

fis_request = FisRequest(layer=‘NDVI’,
time=(‘2020-03-10’, ‘2020-03-15’),

STYLE parameter became deprecated a year or two ago.

What I suggest to do is to set-up a new layer (e.g. NDVI-INDEX) as described here:
And then refer to this in the Python script.

If it does not work, provide sufficient level of information (including first half of instance ID, area; the best woudl be to provide request URL, which is execute from Python) so that we can replicate the process on our side and debug it properly.