Flexibility in Subscriptions for Region Monitoring with Planet API

Can anyone confirm if it’s possible to switch regions within the same subscription plan using the Planet API? Specifically, if I subscribe for monitoring and processing data for Region A and later want to access data for Region B, is this switch feasible without needing a new subscription? Any insights or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated!.

Also does the Sentinel Hub API provide Crop Biomass Data if i take subscription to Planet Monitoring & Processing ? Can anyone please let me know regarding the above two quieries .

Thank you for reaching out to us. On the pricing section on our webpage, you can check out “Data within these countries”. Since the pricing is based on region, it would not be possible to change the region once you purchase. Note that these packages provide you with an annual access period.

Regarding your second question on crop biomass and other Planetary Variables, I would recommend checking out the Data Collections and searching for Crop Biomass. After signing up, you can try this out for free in pre-defined areas, after which you can approach us again if you like the product.

For Sentinel Hub API’s, you can refer to https://www.sentinel-hub.com/develop/api/. Crop Biomass technical Specification can be found here.

The Processing and Monitoring packages allow you access to Sentinel Hub APIs and PlanetScope imagery i.e. optical remote sensing data. Planetary variables are not part of this. If you are interested in purchasing Planetary Variables such as Crop Biomass, please contact sales by filling up the form: Contact | Planet