Footprint as API Query Python

I have been trying to collect Sentinel-1 data, specifically trying to use the search query to sort by footprint but am having trouble doing so as none of the formats I use as an input parameter seem to work.
In the documentation specifically the footprint parameter is a path to a geojson file, yet when I tried that I got the same error I’ve been getting for every type of ‘footprint’ parameter I tried.
What is the way to fix this? I know this specific polygon should have data based on the KML file that shows projected location.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • platformname, producttyle, date, filename all work together
  • cloudcoverpercentage also works in conjuctions
  • tried json object (polygon and point) (with and without ‘intersect/intersects’)
  • tried geojson object multipolygon (with and without intersect/intersects)
  • tried string (with and without ‘intersect/intersects’)
  • tried footprint on its own ^ all those types as the only argument in api.query and that also did not work

my “code”:

map_path = ‘/warm/data_pipeline_tools/map.geojson’
footprint = geojson_to_wkt(read_geojson(map_path))

prods = api.query(platformname = ‘Sentinel-1’,
producttype = ‘SLC’,
date = (‘NOW-20DAYS’, ‘NOW’),
filename = ‘S1A_IW*’,
footprint = footprint)

Hi @t.gondhalekar ,

It seems you’re using sentinelsat. I’d recommend raising an issue on their issue board.

I solved my issue by placing the ‘footprint’ argument first rather than last in my api.query(). Not sure if this was something that was clarified in the sentinelsat documentation but it works now.

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