Frequency of images before and after Sentinel 1B's failure

I’m trying to gauge how much it would cost us to download imagery for Thailand over the years 2015-2023.
If I’m not mistaken, since Sentinel 1B became inactive at the end of 2021, the number of images (and as a result, the number of PUs required to process) for e.g 2019 vs 2022 will be approximately double.
Can anyone confirm this or share their experience?
I know the coverage of the satellites is not equal across the planet, and the routes it/they take also change.
Unfortunately I can’t find out via sentinel hub without first paying for an enterprise account…


You are correct that it is likely to cost more PUs if you are downloading every single image if your time period is before the failure of Sentinel-1B. However, your processing units are also affected by the processing that you apply to the data.

There is some more information about this in our FAQs. It’s important to note that batch processing divides your PU cost by 3, as it’s only a third of the price of processing API. So your 500 requests would cost 63 578 / 3 = 21 192 PU. As I’m sure you know, Batch Processing API is only available to Enterprise users.

To help you with calculating this, I would suggest utilising our Catalog API which will be able to provide you with the number of acquisitions over your area of interest in your time period.

Let us know if you need any more assistance :slight_smile:

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