Gamma and gain slider effect changes since EO Browser update?

A while back maybe when EO Browser was updated. Something changed with how the gain and gamma sliders (on the effects tab), affect the satellite image. For example when there was an over-exposed bright cloud I used to be able to just reduce the gamma and gain and over exposed cloud features would be revealed. Now a reduction in the gain darkens the images but does not appear to bring out more details like before, rather bright snow and clouds just go grey. Do you know what I mean?

Thanks for any help.


thanks for reporting this. Something did indeed change. In that update we introduced application of effects on client side. There is a bug in the algorithm that manages the effects. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this bug. We will try to fix it ASAP.

Thanks again for reporting and I hope this explains the situation.
Cheers, Ziga

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Oh that’s good to hear, I hope it is easily resolved, these sliders are so useful for quick looks at clouds. Thanks for responding Ziga

A temporary fix is to use the script at

and adjust the gamma and gain values in that script in section:

// Gamma and gain parameters
var gain = 2.5;
var gammaAdj = 2.2;
var gainL = 1;