Geo-visualization Dashboard using Sentinel Hub API

Hi Team!

I kindly need your guidance on something that regards Sentinel Hub. I’m totally new to this and I wanted to develop a small web GIS platform that will be later used for crop monitoring. Right now, I just needed to develop a portion of it that can allow me to either import shapefile or json and also be able to draw a polygon in my area of interest. I also wanted to be able to extract the NDVI of the area of interest and at least be able to plot the NDVI values say over time.
I will appreciate any assistance. I would want to know what tools I can use to develop the said portion


I suggest you start with Leaflet, e.g. using sentinelhub-py:

Perhaps check Sentinel Playground’s source code as well:

@gmilcinski Thanks for your assistance!
I will follow up with the guides above.
If you have time, look at this link. Basically it is a crop monitoring platform and I wanted to develop only the part to import/upload shapefile or draw polygon and also extract NDVI values. Can I do that without having to download the images, or is there a way I would simply do that?


Well, you will need to do an app for an user to draw the polygon. Once you have it, you can simply use this request and get NDVI values:

or, if you prefer picture:

Thanks @gmilcinski for the prompt response.
Does that mean I will have to develop something like a web app, or more a web page that will have all of my parameters?