GEOTIFF file export

Hello everyone,
I would like you to help me with this project, I managed to download the data, I am having a problem exporting to a GeoTIFF file for the rest of my code, here is the error message that appears after running my script:

Hi @christsen76 ,

Your code is missing a requested argument folder as indicated by the error message. Please take a look at the ExportToTiffTask documentation for more details.

Thanks, i try again

Hello @chung.horng
after several tries I still encounter the same problem could you help me to solve it please.I relied on the pipeline of Slovenia for the development of my script.

Hi @christsen76 ,

The ExportToTiffTask has a mandatory parameter folder (see the documentation), which should be a string indicating a path to a main folder containing all image, potentially in its subfolders.

For example, you could create a folder tmp in the same directory of the notebook, and parse its path to the folder parameter as below:

export_tiff = ExportToTiffTask((FeatureType.MASK_TIMELESS, "LBL_GBM"), "./tmp")

Hello @chung.horng , Thank you for your help I managed to do it for what you sent me