Get date in response when using mosaick ordering over time range

Hi All,

I’m following the Multiple timestamps data example from the Sentinel Hub Process API how-to (Sentinel Hub Process API — Sentinel Hub 3.9.1 documentation). I’ve managed to get it working with the Ulyssys evalscript3 (Ulyssys Water Quality Viewer (UWQV) | Sentinel Hub custom scripts). Here is the code for the request:

def get_water_quality_request_class(_time_interval, bounds, crs):
  # Defining area of interest
  _bbox = BBox(mgeni_bounds, crs=crs)
  _resolution = 30
  _size = bbox_to_dimensions(

  # creating sentinelhub request class
  return SentinelHubRequest(
              time_interval= _time_interval,
              # mosaicking_order=None
      responses=[SentinelHubRequest.output_response("default", MimeType.TIFF)],

Is there a way to modify this code such that the return also gives back the date of the captured image? At the moment, I only know that the image was taken sometime within the time frame given.

Hi @sean.oheir1 ,

Sorry for the late reply.

From the request itself it’s a bit tricky to retrieve the timestamp of the acquisition as the image is mosaicked from the least cloud coverage acquisition.

The simplest workaround in your case would be making a Catalog API request for each _time_interval and finding the timestamp of the acquisition having the least cloud coverage. This will give you the timestamp of the acquisition returned in your Processing API request.