Get Sentinel L1C data from AWS as per cloud cover and location

Hi all,

I have to download a large Sentinel 2 dataset in AWS filtered on the basis of time, location and cloud cover. I have previously used GEE to get data as per these filters. But I am not able to understand how to filter the Sentinel 2 data at AWS and then transfer this filtered data to another S3 bucket. Any tutorial to solve this issue would also be very helpful.

I would recommend you use Sentinel Hub’s Catalogue STAC API to perform a selection. API is payable, but there is a free trial, which might be sufficient ot perform an exercise you would like to do.
Examples of the requests are here:

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Thanks a lot. I will look into this approach.
Is it also possible to filter and transfer this data using sentinelhub-py? Thanks.

You can search/filter with Catalogue API, see this example:

Then you can download using sentinelhub-py, see documentation: