Getting 403 error with planet scope order

Hi @gmilcinski,

Getting 403 errors for planet scope orders. Any idea? we have purchased planet scope recently but some orders got failed. When trying to place an order again for failed ones, getting 403. Appreciate your help in this regard.


Hi James,

you went over the purchased quota and the safety mechanism triggered, to prevent further overage.
In order to continue using the account, you need to cover the overage first, then you will be able to continue using the areas under management.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Grega,

Thank you so much. I will look into that.

It would be great if a safety mechanism prevents overage after the actual limit instead of stopping after placing an order five times to the actual buy, which is quite huge.

Best Regards

We know and we have communicated this with Planet already. They are working on the limit, but there is no ETA.
Sorry about that, but in this case it is out of our control.