Getting a clear images of Earth

Hi everyone
Please advise me how to get a clear image when browsing or monitoring Earth instead of the blurry image.
Sorry for i am a new user.
Thank you

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The freely available satellite data served by Sentinel Hub are designed to monitor large-scale activities/processes on the Earth’s surface such as agriculture, biodiversity changes, climate and many more… (see more details here for example). The satellites used for these purposes have a maximum resolution of 10 m (Sentinel-2), which may lead to thinking that they are “blurry” compared to aerial or high-resolution images that you are used to with popular navigation/mapping apps.

If you need higher resolution imagery, we currently offer data from the following commercial data providers. However, these come at an extra cost:

Planet PlanetScope (4 bands, 3 m resolution)

Planet Skysat(4 bands, 0.5m resolution)

Airbus Pleiades (5 bands, 0.5 m – 2 m resolution)

Airbus SPOT (5 bands, 1.5 m – 6 m resolution

Maxar WorldView (5 bands, 0.5 m – 2 m resolution)

See the webinar on this topic here.

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Thank you so much.
Is there a possibility to have a bit clear image as the following sample? Noting that I already have a paid account ’ Exploration Account’.

Note: My ‘Exploration Account’ is for both ‘EO Browser’ and ‘Sentinel Hub’

To purchase high-resolution Commercial Third-Party Data, you can go through your Dashboard. I would recommend that you search for data in EO Browser (see tutorial) first to see the availability of archives over your area of interest.

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