Getting bounding box by passing specific parameters?

I am a new user of sentinel hub and remote sensing in general… I have some points on the WGS84 and I am interested in getting some bounding boxes in a way such that the points are in the center of the boxes.
To be more specific, I would ideally need some code that would get as parameters a specific point, the resolution and the dimensions of the image to be later downloaded. This code should give me a bounding box (whose center is the specific point) to pass to the Process api so that the image downloaded has the resolution and the dimensions specified.
Any help, even if it does not exactly answer my question, would be really appreciated !

Hi @nikolaospg ,

You have already defined the function you need. Supposed the resolution is in meters, my suggestion would be:

  1. Convert your point from geographic coordinate system (WGS84) to projected coordinate system (e.g., UTM). See the difference here.
  2. Based on the dimension and the resolution, you can calculate the coordinate of the lower left and upper right points which form the bounding box.
  3. Convert the CRS back to WGS84 (optional). If you want to make requests in WGS84, the resolution will also be in degree. Although you may find some approximate conversion from between degree and meter, the error will be larger as the latitude increases. To have the resolution (in meters) and dimension as close as calculated, you may want to stick with projected coordinate system.

Best Regards

Thanks a lot, your answer was really helpful