Getting Invalid request

Hi all,

We are experiencing an error that occurs apparently with requests of images that have a width (or height) between 2500 and 5000 pixels.
It does not return a valid image, although it has less than 5000 pixels of width.

Request of an image of 5736 pixels of width.[CUSTOMERID]?REQUEST=GetMap&BBOX=-910793,5039853,-987040,5045897&LAYERS=MOISTURE_INDEX&MAXCC=20&FORMAT=image/jpg&TIME=2018-03-29/2018-05-29&EVALSOURCE=S2&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&CRS=EPSG:3857
This request returns an image containing the error message (“Output message is too large… Should be at most 5000 x 5000 pixels”), and it is a correct behavior.

Request of an image that has less than 5000 pixel of height (only a change in one of the X coordinate, making the envelope smaller than the previous request).[CUSTOMERID]?REQUEST=GetMap&BBOX=-940793,5039853,-987040,5045897&LAYERS=MOISTURE_INDEX&MAXCC=20&FORMAT=image/jpg&TIME=2018-03-29/2018-05-29&EVALSOURCE=S2&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&CRS=EPSG:3857
This request returns :
<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>

Request of an image of 1975 of width (only a change in one of the X coordinates, making the envelope smaller than the previous request).[CUSTOMERID]?REQUEST=GetMap&BBOX=-960793,5039853,-987040,5045897&LAYERS=MOISTURE_INDEX&MAXCC=20&FORMAT=image/jpg&TIME=2018-03-29/2018-05-29&EVALSOURCE=S2&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&CRS=EPSG:3857&
This request returns a valid image

Can anyone help us please?

Thank you!

Hi @rui.roda,

the limit for processing is 2500x2500 px, so you should reduce your request.
We are aware that there is a problem with error emssages and are working to fix it. Sorry about that.