Getting metadata using SentinelHubStatistical

Hi everyone,

I am using SentinelHubStatistical to obtain a time series of NDVI mean . I am using mosaicking: “SIMPLE”, so I understand that a single scene is used for the aggregation of the pixels. Is there any way to get the id of the scene used? I would like to access at certain times to the image from which the aggregated values were obtained. how could I do it?

Hi @ilopez ,

When using mosaicking SIMPLE, you can set the aggregation interval to P1D and you will get the full time series. Then from the result JSON you will find the timestamp under ["data"]["interval"]["from"].


Thank you for the quick response. If I set the aggregation interval P1D, it is going to consume more processing units than if I use P5D?

I dont know if i have to set time in the interval parameter of the agregation method, but whe i set interval to P1d it resturns time interval with 00:00:00Z

so i can not get this image in the SentinelHubRequest API.

Hi @ilopez ,

After a quick check in the backlog, there will be no difference between using aggregation interval P1D and P5D if everything else is set the same.

The interval returned from the API is always having a timestamps of T00:00:00Z. If you search for the product on that specific date with the Catalog API, there will be only one product normally (unless you’re looking for an area at high latitude).