Getting returns where entire BBox falls only within one tile


Is anyone aware of a way to return results from a request where the BBox falls entirely in one tile only?

At the moment, I am making a call to the catalogue API to get the 10 most recent results from a BBox. However, when I process each result, the image that is returned is often a partial result. I have worked out this is due to only part of the BBox falling into the tile.

When running the same process in the EO browser, I have the option to select a tile first (which can be the one that contains the entire BBox) and then select the results from that tile. Is there not a way to do this using the API?

Hi, there still isn’t a method to do this using the API [1]. You can use a time range rather than a single date if you want the “empty” space to contain data, but this would be obtained from a different date/acquisition.

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