Harmonization status for L1C and L2A on AWS

Apologies if this has already been answered, but I couldn’t find clear documentation whether the data on Sentinel AWS after 2022 change of processing baseline to 4.0 is harmonized or not? In other words, should I always subtract 1000 for all the band values to be consistent with prior baselines? The SentinelHub API seems to support harmonizeValues flag, but I want to make sure that the raw data I download from the S3 bucket has not been harmonized and this post-processing is necessary for both L1C and L2A.

The reason I am unsure is because some of the L2A band values for B02 seem to be between 0-1000 (e.g., s3://sentinel-s2-l2a/tiles/28/Q/ED/2022/10/26/0/R10m/B02.jp2). By removing 1000, the numbers become negative which seems incorrect.

The data on RODA bucket are original data and don’t include any additional processing or harmonization.

Thank you @gmilcinski . Could you explain why there would still be numbers between 0-1000 in the L2A data in the example I mentioned above?

I suggest you contact Copernicus support related to this question

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