Harmonization Tool for Planet data


We are currently monitoring agriculture through sentinel 2 images, along with Planet daily images.

The documentation tells about an Harmonization tool (https://developers.planet.com/docs/orders/tools-reference/) which harmonize PSScene surface reflectance products to Sentinel-2 values. However, when I click on the link there is no more information about it.
I would like to understand how this harmonization works more in detail.

We are now trying to develop indexes with mixed bands (bands from both satellites in one same index). I thank you for any information you could have about the topic.

Thank you.


thank you for noticing. The URLs have changed and we updated the links in our documentation accordingly.

Regarding harmonization, the correct link is Orders API Tools, which links a more detailed document at https://assets.planet.com/docs/scene_level_normalization_of_planet_dove_imagery.pdf .

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