Height x Width issue in Process API

Hi, everyone. I have an issue about height and Width proportion in my reponse images.
I actually need to plot Sentinel 2 images upon the front of my company. However, the images if in a circular geometry, has a distoted proportion probably because the retangular geometry of the source response. Looks like while a side of the circle takes more stretched, another side looks like more flatted. There is a way to let the circular geometry with your original format in the response? below there is an exemple what I tanking about.


Hi! I think the best way to sort this is to do some trickery in QGIS :slight_smile: which I am assuming you are familiar with? The steps I would take are:

  1. Request the image that you require using Process API, using a bounding box slightly bigger than the circle that you wish to use.
  2. Create a polygon circle of the area that you wish to use in QGIS.
  3. In the Symbology tab, you can then use the inverse polygon functionality and this should create your circle for you :slight_smile: more info here

Hope that this makes sense to you :slight_smile: and should solve the stretched pixels issue you are having.

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Hi William. Thanks for your reply!!

The problem is I have about 11000 GeoJson like a circle or semicircle that I need to request and send to my front homepage. I’d like to do these geometries have your original shapes without the deformation like the example.

OK I’m trying to fully understand what the issue is; you are looking for a perfect circle or the pixels themselves are distorted? If you want a perfect circle then this is not possible as pixels will always be rectangular in shape.

No, I want to eliminate the pixel distortions. But for using QGIS for all my geometry base, I need an alternative to width x height output in my response code, for example. Maybe using QGIS for my whole geometry base will take too much time.

OK I’m unsure on what you mean by distortion but as you are using the width x height parameters in your request; if you want a constant resolution then I would recommend using the X and Y resolution parameter instead, like in this example.

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Great, William!

I’ll try it and return if works.

Hi, William. Looks like worked well using XY parameter. Thank you for now.

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