Here's a noise that won't be handled in Sentinel 1A-GRD

Dear Experts,the picture attached I don`t know what kind of noise it has,how to fix this noise,help family!


Can you specify a little bit more what “noise” you are talking about? Also, adding a link to the location in EO Browser or some form of coordinates and date of acquisition would help.

If you are talking of the bright pixels in the river (I’m just assuming, could be wrong), it could very well be strong backscatter cause by boats (see Simon Gascoin’s blog post), but this is just talking of the top of my head here…

Thank you for your answer,”noise“I mentioned which is strips and has strong backscatter;it not only appears on river but also on ground,it actually affect my processing to extract water badly.

image name is " S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20170801T105013_20170801T105038_017729_01DB20_B256
", in Chinese GuangXi

So I was wrong to assume :wink:

I looked at your AOI, here is the bigger picture in EO Browser This is typically interference patterns from the ground, such as a ground radar interference. There was a recent article about something similar, and a discussion in the STEP forum.

Thank you very much, your advice is very useful

Someone have idea to remit this trouble?

I don’t think it is possible to do anything about it. In the STEP forum linked in my previous post, Peter Meadows said:

Although it can be removed in the processing from raw data (Level 0) to image data (Level 1), this is not performed by the Sentinel-1 Instrument Processing Facility (IPF). […] ESA are aware of this issue - it affects < 1% if all S1A/B imagery.

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