Hi-res images for Israel and West Bank?

My understanding is that public access has historically been limited to lo-res images for Israel, West Bank, and other sensitive spots in the world. But I also understand that the USA no longer limits the use of hi-res images.

Does Sentinel-Hub provide the same (hi-)resolution images everywhere in the world, including the Middle East?

Hi Roger, this probably depends on your definition of what high resolution images means to you. I assume you mean to the level of detail you get on Google Maps?

We offer very high resolution data from several data providers and sensors (listed below):

The whole process of searching, ordering and visualizing commercial data can be completed in EO Browser directly by clicking on the Commercial Data tab. This also links you to a video demonstrating the process.

Our coverage of very high resolution data is limited by what data has been collected by these providers. Good luck with finding data for your area of interest :slight_smile: and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for the response. Google Maps has historically provided high (good) resolution for the USA and most parts of the world but NOT for Israel, the West Bank and other select, sensitive sites.

My further understanding is that this limitation of the resolution of images over Israel and West Bank was a legislative requirement for USA companies–until high resolution images were available outside the USA. I understand this prohibition was mooted some years ago as high resolution images became available outside the USA.

It appears to me that Google still has not switched to high resolution images everywhere. Do any of your sources provide high resolution images of Israel and West Bank?

Hi Roger, as I said you can use EO Browser to search for commercial high resolution imagery for the areas that you are interested in.

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